Weg- en waterbouw met nonwovens

GroundGrid toepassing


In civil engineering works, nonwovens are used for various purposes, such as filtration, reinforcement, protection and covering.
King Nonwovens can supply the following products:

  • Typar® SF
  • Stansa®
  • Polyester geotextile
  • Needle felt
  • DuPont™ GroundGrid™

Typar® SF

Typar® SF is a thermally bonded spunbonded nonwoven geotextile from the DuPont company in Luxemburg. It is made of 100% polypropylene fibers and is produced in such a way as to combine rigidity, a high tensile strength and excellent uniformity with an average breaking strain of 50%.


Stansa® is a product developed in-house by King Nonwovens B.V. The basis is Typar®, the geotextile of DuPont. We make it liquid-proof using an extruded coating. Such a liquid-proof geotextile is also called a geomembrane, and can be used, for instance, to collect (rain) water. It is used on a large scale to prevent (rain) water coming into contact with road foundations consisting of expanding clay or gypsum. In this way erosion is prevented and the entire construction retains its strength.
Stansa® is supplied in 161 g/m2 and 325 g/m2.
The maximum width is 400 cm.

Polyester geotextile

Polyester geotextile is a spunbonded nonwoven with excellent filtering characteristics. It is often used as an alternative for so-called tape fabric, as it is easier to cut, does not fray and has a very high water permeability. Our geotextile has been tested by the German research institute tBU and complies with German GRK-2 class requirements (geotextile robustness class).
Polyester geotextile comes as standard in the following varieties:
Weight: 100 g/m²and 120 g/m²
Width : 100, 200 and 400 cm
Length: 50 and 100 metres
Colours: black and grey.
Of course, special dimensions can be supplied on request.

Needle felt

Because of its relatively high volume and moderate strength, needle felt is often used for protection and stabilisation purposes. King Nonwovens B.V. can supply needle felt from 100 to 2000 g/m2 in various widths.

DuPont™ GroundGrid™

DuPont™ GroundGrid™ is an innovative, three-dimensional and flexible geotextile grid used for soil stabilisation. Once filled with coarse chippings, earth, sand or other mineral infill material, the honeycomb structure forms an ideal base for landscaping and land development works, such as driveways, footpaths, car parks and sports grounds on artificial foundations.
DuPont™ GroundGrid™ is composed of nonwoven geotextile strips, thermally welded into a cellular structure. Both the weld and the geotextile have a high tensile strength, so that the infill material remains in place, thus preventing rutting or subsidence.
The loose infill material and the porosity of the geotextile cell walls ensure that water can pass through it vertically and horizontally. This makes DuPont™ GroundGrid™ the ideal choice for sustainable drainage systems.
To facilitate storage and transport, DuPont™ GroundGrid™ is supplied in folded condition. On site it can be unfolded to an area of 8 m x 1.25 m = 10 square metres.

DuPont™ GroundGrid™

Grid area 10 m² 10 m²
Cell height 50 mm 50 mm
Cell size 55 mm 110 mm

More information on DuPont™ GroundGrid™ can be found on www.rootbarrier.nl