speciale wikkel- en snijmachines


The cutting of certain nonwovens requires special winding and cutting machinery. King Nonwovens B.V. operates various winding machines for cutting and winding a large variety of nonwovens. We can process materials up to a width of 550 cm.

Winding and unwinding

We can unwind and wind from/onto the following core diameters:
50 mm (winding only), 76 mm, 100 mm, 110 mm, 120 mm, 127 mm, 150 mm en 152 mm.
The maximum diameter is 120 cm.


The rolls can be connected to each other using the following methods:

  • two-sided adhesive tape
  • heat-resistant seam
  • sewn seam


The rolls/pallets can be packaged in different ways. We make use of stretch film or tube film. For smaller rolls we have a shrink-wrap tunnel.
We can provide the product with any brochure or instruction leaflet supplied by the customer, and we can package the rolls in boxes.


King Nonwovens B.V. has flexo printing machines suitable for printing nonwovens.


King Nonwovens B.V. has ample facilities for storage of contract work, so the customer can respond quickly to an order.