King Nonwovens was established in early 2000 by its owners, Bart van der Hart and Jan van Leeuwen. As the name suggests, the company is specialised in nonwovens: textile produced using a technologically advanced process and consisting of synthetic and/or natural fibres that are linked to each other mechanically and/or chemically.
Nonwovens are used, for instance, in tea bags, nappies and furniture. But they can also be found on roofs, in gardens, in cars and in bullet-proof vests.
King Nonwovens has many years of experience in the different markets where nonwovens are applied. Therefore we are in an excellent position to respond to the various preferences of our customers. King Nonwovens can supply custom-made nonwovens thanks to our winding, cutting and printing facilities. Furthermore, we have extensive knowledge of and experience in the field of coating and laminating as a result of our close cooperation with a number of coating/laminating companies.

Specialism: spunbonded and needle felt

King Nonwovens B.V. has specialised in spunbonded and needle felt nonwovens.


Spunbonded nonwovens are made of endless yarns bonded by heat, mechanically or by binders. This results in strong, but relatively thin products characterised by the ‘cloud structure’ by which the fibres are connected with each other. This characteristic makes this group of products isotropic, which means that they have practically the same tensile strength in all directions.

Needle felt

Needle felt nonwovens are made using the needling technology. This involves layers of fibres being laid onto each other and interwoven by an array of needles with little hooks sticking up and down into the base cloth.