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DuPont Tyvek


In landscaping, nonwovens are used as weed control fabric. Laid horizontally, they are used against weeds; when used vertically, they function as a root screen against bamboo and tree roots. But nonwovens can also be used for a green roof.
RootBarrier B.V., a subsidiary of King Nonwovens B.V., specialises in these products for use in landscaping. RootBarrier B.V. offers the following product range:


A vertical root control fabric developed by us, which has been on the market since 1994. This fabric is supplied by RootBarrier B.V. with a 25 year warranty, provided it is installed properly.

Plantex® Pro and Plantex® Gold

Products from the DuPont company, for use as horizontal weed control fabric around plants. Provided it is installed properly, this fabric is guaranteed to keep your plants weed free for up to 25 years.

Geotextile FRE

A polyester geotextile which is suitable for use beneath such surfaces as gravel, potting soil or wood tiles. This geotextile has a better water permeability than, for instance, tape fabric, is easier to cut and will not fray.
Do you wish to control weeds in your plant garden? Then we recommend Plantex® weed control fabric! For more information on this product and other horizontal and vertical root barriers, see our website