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Nonwovens used as separating layer for roofs are usually made of polyester or glass fibre. Furthermore, a needle felt nonwoven can be used for protection purposes in a so-called ‘inverted roof’ construction. Impregnated with resin, a needle felt nonwoven is also suitable as a structural reinforcement material.
Separating layers are laid underneath synthetic roofing material to prevent damage or deterioration. Damage may occur due to the surface roughness of the underlying construction, and the (PVC) film of the synthetic roofing material may deteriorate due to the fact that the underlying bitumen can extract the plasticizers (softening agents) from the PVC film.
In most constructions a polyester fleece is sufficient for fire protection. If this cannot guarantee an adequate external fire protection for the construction, also in regard to airborne sparks, we recommend the use of glass fibre fleece.
When the application of a liquid roofing material is utilised in the construction, a polyester nonwoven is used to strengthen the entire construction.
Separation fleeces are available in different qualities and dimensions. King Nonwovens B.V. offers the following separation fleeces:

  • polyester (drillable): 120 – 300 g/m2
  • glass fibre: 120 – 180 g/m2